How to Install a Vehicle Gun Safe?

How to Install a Vehicle Gun Safe?

When you have a gun safe, you have lots of responsibilities. Keeping your weapons safe is not the only duty. To get the best result, it is very important to install the safe perfectly. Without installing it in an appropriate way, you won’t get the apex level security. To install your car gun safe perfectly, you can follow two separate ways.

  1. Attaching by cable
  2. Bolting it down onto the floor

Let’s know about it elaborately.

Attaching by cable:

The first method of installing a gun safe in your car is attaching using a cable. This is probably the easiest way of installing a car gun safe. For this method, you have to purchase an attachment cable. The type of attachment cable depends on what type of gun safe you have purchased for your car. Now, let’s directly discuss how you can exactly install the vehicle gun storage. The first and major step is to select a place that is convenient for installing a gun safe. To install a gun safe, you have to choose a plain surface. It can be the bottom of the car or side of your seat.

In this method, you don’t need any other thing rather than a gun safe that is convenient to use in a car and your car, obviously. You can do it yourself as it is a very easy process. If you are the owner of the car and drive your car yourself, you can select the place to attract it. After selecting the place, you just need to place the safe and attach the gun safe with the cable. Make sure you do it very tightly so that it won’t get loosen after some period.

The next method is bolting it down onto the floor. This is a bit complicated but very effective way of mounting the car gun safe. For this method, you need some stuff to make the processing done. These are- Utility knife, Measuring tape/ruler, Pencil, Anchor kit with bolts, Socket wrench, Level, Drill. You need all of these to do this. You will get all these things in any nearby hardware shop. You can even borrow them for some time. After making sure you have all the stuff, it’s time to mount the gun safe. Now, it’s time to select the place where you want to mount the gun safe. This decision varies with the requirements of different people. After making this initial decision, Now you have to mark around your gun safe with a pencil or pen so that you can cut out the marked portion from the bottom with a utility knife. Now, you have to draw a line where your anchor will go. This time you have to measure it very carefully. If you cut with the wrong measurement, getting the best output is almost impossible. So, be careful about it. Now, everything is ready. You just need to place the gun safe in the position to check that it is ok or not.

If everything is ok, you should insert the bolts so that the safe can’t move. Now, secure the bolts with a socket wrench and your hardworking is over. Now, your gun safe is ready to keep your stuff in it. You should make sure that you do all these steps very effectively. The reason is that you won’t get the best output with enough security. So, be careful about the total processing of mounting a gun safe. If the car is of your own and won’t change the car within a short period, you should go for the second method as it is more reliable.

A gun safe is very effective when you are travelling in long-distant places. But, you will get the best result or not, it depends on how well you mount the gun safe in your car. So, do it perfectly or leave it.


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