7 Ingenious and Unique Gift Ideas for Antique Lovers 

antique wooden wall clock

For most of us, gifting is a tricky job. It becomes more problematic when you have to give a gift to your near and dear one, especially the one who loves the things of the past. You have issues in this regard, as antique lovers are well-aware of their style and they have almost all the requisite items in their entirely constructed/designed home. They don’t hesitate to spend on the item they are looking for. However, you try to give something unique or different when a particular day is around the corner. Here are some unique gift ideas for antique lovers in your life: 

1. Vintage clock 

As you are close to an antique lover, it is sure you will be visiting his/her home. Your visit can help you know whether he/she has a clock of the old design or not. If not, think of presenting an antique wooden wall clock to him/her on his/her special day. By submitting such a watch, you can help him/her do three different things with a single item – decoration, time display, and expansion of the antique collection. 

2. Books of the first edition 

Is your loved one fond of collecting and reading books, ancient one? Have a look at his/her bookshelf or home library to find out what type of books he/she loves. Suppose that the antique lover of your life likes reading books on love and romance. Think of buying and presenting romantic comedies written by Shakespeare and others. While purchasing such one, focus on selecting one of its first edition. 

3. Victorian jewellery 

Are you willing to present an old item to your lady love, who is fond of antique things, especially jewellery pieces? If yes, you should think of buying and gifting the jewellery pieces of the Victorian era. To make your present more worthy or expand her collection of old items, you can pair the Victorian jewels with traditional outfits. 

4. Antique Roadshow: 40 Years of Great Findings 

An Antiques Roadshow vet since 1990 of Paul Atterbury explains the most significant findings of history. This book clearly describes what happened to rare items. In the explanation, this book has included almost everything – from musical instruments to verses. The availability of Marc Allum’s illustration makes this book beautify the look of your coffee table or bookshelf for years. 

5. Edison Bulbs 

The world we live in is well familiarized because it was Thomas Alva Edison who invented the electric bulb in December 1879 by making improvements to filaments developed by Joseph Swan. With time and technical advancements, we have more options for eclectic bulbs – CFL, Incandescent, LED, and Halogen in the contemporary world. However, many people still love those old electric bulbs. If it is with your closed one, imagine presenting a set of Edison Bulbs to him/her on his/her special day. In today’s world, these bulbs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and have a life of more than 2000 hours.  

6. Jewelry polishing kit 

Does an antique lover in your life like collecting jewellery pieces of old designs or the past time? If yes, decide to help him/her maintain the look of the jewellery items she/he has. And for this, you should present a jewellery polishing kit. This kit has a cleaning brush, solution, and polish cloth will facilitate the antique lover in his/her cleaning and maintaining a process of his/her vintage jewellery collection. 

7. Paintings with the old or conventional look

Has your loved one sickness of paintings, especially the one dedicated to a particular painting style? If yes, move forward in buying and presenting Rajasthani Art or Madhubani Art’s images for your close one. In shopping, you can value his/her choice, such as village life, religion, or royal family life (kings & queens).    


Gifting to an antique lover is a tough job. The ideas mentioned in this write-up can give you a clue. You have to make a clear choice from the ideas mentioned above or value what the antique lover needs more. You can make your present more fruitful and heart-touching by giving the one that he/she requires more in his/her antique collection.


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